IT Solutions

We have factory authorized and IT+  certified technicians to service your PC, Laptops, and Tablets. 
Our response time is typically within 4 hours or less and we have access to all the hardware components that we need to keep our customer’s devices operating as they should. 

Onsite Service & Remote Service

Per Call Basis

We can service most PC's, Laptops, and Tablets.  Service on a per call basis involves a $135.00 minimum IT Labor charge per hour and a pro-rated $45.00 per hour trip charge.

With your permission, we can also remote into your PC/Laptop for repairs.

Remoting in Cuts Costs!

Our BEST Service Plans
and No Trip Charges!

Custom Block of Time

Buy 4 hours get 1 Extra Hour

Buy 8 Hours get 2 Extra Hours

Buy 12 Hours get 3 Extra Hours FREE

PC Upgrades

Hard Drives, Ram, Motherboards, Graphics Cards and most typical PC upgrades are available.

Most IT upgrades can be
handled within 2 hours

(Problem(s) Pending!)