Per Call Basis


We have service available on just about all Copiers, Printers, Fax Machines and Scanners.  Service on a per call basis involves a $98.00 minimum charge and a small trip charge.  The trip charge is based on $45.00 per hour and pro-rated. 

There will be additional charges for any parts necessary to fix the machine.  If the service call goes beyond one hour, the additional charges are pro-rated based on 15 minute intervals.  Call back service calls to install parts are completed at no additional charge for the labor but an additional trip charge will apply along with the cost of the parts.

Frequent paper jams?
Need someone to assess your machine?
Maybe just want a clean up on your old copier?
Give us a call at
317-842-7000 today and schedule an appointment by one of our 
A+ Certified Factory Trained Technicians!