We have factory authorized and A+ certified technicians to service your copiers, printers and scanners.  We have been in business for 46 years in Indianapolis, servicing our customer’s office equipment needs.  Our response time is usually within 4 hours or less and we have access to all the parts and supplies that we need to keep our customer’s machines operating as they should. 

We service a wide variety of office machines and we have loaner equipment available to install while your machine is down – waiting for part, etc.  And we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our work.  Our service manager has 22 years of experience and has been to over 150 certified service training courses.  When your machine is beyond repair we have new equipment for demonstration and sale.

Per Call Basis

We have service available on just about all Copiers, Printers, Fax Machines and Scanners.  Service on a per call basis involves a $98.00 minimum charge and a small trip charge.  The trip charge is based on $45.00 per hour and pro-rated. 

There will be additional charges for any parts necessary to fix the machine.  If the service call goes beyond one hour, the additional charges are pro-rated based on 15 minute intervals.  Call back service calls to install parts are completed at no additional charge for the labor but an additional trip charge will apply along with the cost of the parts.

One year "Parts and Labor"

With our one year parts & labor service agreement plan your equipment will be covered for an unlimited number of service calls, with an additional charge for any maintenance kit items (Drums, Developers, Fuser units, etc.) required to fix your equipment .

All supplies and parts are delivered at the current price as ordered.  There will be no trip charges with the parts & labor agreement unless the trip charges are added to your service agreement form.

Monthly "Cost per Page"

Our monthly cost per page service agreement covers all parts, labor, maintenance kit items and all supplies except paper and staples.  Toners, developer units, fuser units – etc. are all covered.

This is our best service plan. 
The plan will cover a predefined number of copies/prints with an overage charge for all images made over the predefined number included in the plan each month.  This plan has a base charge each month and an overage charge each month for all images over what is covered by the base charge.