We have both OEM and compatible toner for sale for most printers, copiers, and fax machines.  Our compatible toner is guaranteed and backed up by our local service.  We also have access to maintenance kit items (typically drum, developer, and fuser units) and everything else your machine might need to keep running at it's highest level.  

OEM Toner

Toners are available both from the original equipment manufacturer and competitive toner manufacturers.  In most cases the competitive toner work just fine and offer a savings compared to the OEM toners. 

We also have local service technicians that can resolve any toner issues with any toners that we sell – “OEM or compatibles”.  All of our toners come with a guaranty and special discounts are available when you purchase in quantity. 

Compatible Toner

Compatible toner for the most part work just fine and cost less!  We have a complete line of “Copy fax Compatible Toners” that we recommend and unlike most internet toner sources we back up our compatibles with local service and support.  Some of our customers that order their toners from us also use us for their service needs.   Any problem toners will be replaced at our customers request and additionally at no charge to our customers. 

The usual savings on compatible toner is about 20% and over a one year time period can add up to a substantial amount especially when you use a lot of expensive color toners. We ship out all of our toners by UPS with a two day delivery time.

Maintenance Kits

Maintenance kits contain the items that all copiers & printers use to maintain excellent copies & prints.  Some of the items are drums, developer units, transfer units, charge rollers, transfer assemblies and fuser units. 

These items can be ordered one at a time – depending on needs; or the complete maintenance kit can be ordered with everything inside one or two boxes.  The prices and yields vary depending on the model of equipment, etc.  We have access to all the maintenance kits  that we will need to maintain your equipment